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at Germantown Presbyterian Preschool

What We Do

Some of our goals include:

  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Improve social interaction.
  • Provide a wide variety of techniques of learning.
  • Foster principles of good citizenship.
  •  Respect the uniqueness and individual differences of each child.

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Germantown Presbyterian Preschool is a Christian school. We believe that in a safe atmosphere of mutual respect and affection, social habits are established, self-discipline is developed, a love of learning is generated, self-realization is facilitated, and respect for the principles of our Christian faith is developed. We believe that children learn best through play and that planned, “hands-on” activities best direct growth in the following areas: Social, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Academic.

What We Offer

In small classes, the children engage in hands-on play-based activities to encourage inquiry, hypothesizing and exploration.

  • Music Enrichment (Infants – Pre-K)
  • Spanish (3s – Pre-K)
  • Chapel and Bible Time (3s – Pre-K)
  • Computer Classes (Pre-K)
  • Ballet (3s – Pre-K)
  • Gymnastics (3s – Pre-K)
  • Soccer (3s – PreK)

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We provide high quality education with a wide variety of techniques of learning. Learn More